Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You are not requested to perfect the English Language, as Spark offers all Cambridge International College programmes in both English and/or Arabic. If you choose to study in Arabic, you will be given the translated Arabic subjects. You will also undergo the exam in Arabic under the same strict regulations must be followed under Spark supervision as it is an authorized invigilator from CIC. That is why you are not requested to present your TOEFL or IELTS score.

Self- Study is a flexible and convenient way of studying. No need to waste your time on lectures or attendance. You study on your own pace under no pressure and wherever you are resident. Technical support, academic supervision, pre-assessment and evaluation exams will be done with SPARK professional team besides (Mid Training and End Training Exams) with their answers are perfect catalyst to you during the programme.

One of the advantages to study Cambridge International College programmes is the time flexibility. You are not obliged to finish your programme in a specific period of time. You can study on your own pace. For example, MBA programme can be studied from 12 to 36 months according to your time, work and commitments.

The member has the right to choose his/ her own Examination Date. However, he/ she should inform Spark one month before the requested Examination Date. Once it is confirmed, the member can not change it. He/ She will perform the exam under strict rules in SPARK premises.

SPARK FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT is the authorized affiliate and official invigilator for CIC in Egypt. As a CIC member enrolled through SPARK, no need to travel to Britain to sit the Final Examination. Your membership ID card, your materials, examinations and certificate are all through SPARK.

All certificates are accredited by Cambridge International College- Britain as well as British authorities.

You are neither requested for GMAT nor TOEFL nor IELTS score. You are only asked to submit Cambridge International College Form, your Academic and Professional Qualifications, Curriculum Vitae, Copy of your ID card , Four Passport- sized Photos and Fees

If you have an Associate Degree or you are underage, you can take an equivalent extra subjects or a diploma before your MBA programme.

Exemption from subjects in MBA basically depends on the subject or master you studied and its credit hours and this can be decided after sending your paper to the admission office in CIC..

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